Department of food and nutrition sciences

Consumption and behavior of food

  • Dietary surveys
  • Consumption analysis
  • Product support
  • Development of marketing concepts


Quality provisions of food and agricultural raw materials

  • Modern texture of foods and color analysis
  • Determining physical and technological parameters for food
  • Instrumental sensory analysis
  • Organoleptic sensory analysis
  • Classical wet chemical analysis
  • Electronic image analysis
  • Particle measurement


Product development and marketing of food

  • Development and implementation innovative ideas for products including raw material requirements, technical requirements, technological parameters, economic calculation and market introduction


Engineering and technology development in the area of food production

  • Market potential for food technology
  • Technology development (e.g. cutting processes, emulsification, sorting processes, heat transfer processes, drying processes, filtration, etc.)
  • Scientific monitoring of the construction of prototypes
  • Technology testing
  • Technology impact assessment


Advice to companies and organizations

  • Feasibility studies for companies and/or projects of the food industry
  • Sector analysis
  • Eastern european studies
  • Teaching in education and training